House Exterior Design & Landscaping

Do you want to transform the outside of your house?

You need to enjoy the outside of your home as much as you love the inside. At Oakcroft we have a reputation for providing creative and attractive house exterior design. If you need help with exterior maintenance we’ve got your back.

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House Exteriors

We always think about decorating the inside of our houses, but what about the outside? Give the outside of your home a makeover with our transformative house exterior services. Whether it’s cosmetic or maintenance, we can help you.

Landscape Design

The best landscape designers can create unique outdoor spaces that are beautiful AND functional. At Oakcroft we believe that you can have both. We can work with your existing outdoor garden space to mould and shape the landscape into what you envisage.

Decking Installation

Building decking can allow for more year-round enjoyment of your garden. At Oakcroft Home Builders we create bespoke decking frames that accentuate the beauty of your home. All of our projects are built to stand the test of time by selecting the best materials with our years of experience.

How we do this

Why Choose Oakcroft Home Builders

Your own project manager

With a dedicated project manager, you will avoid any hassle of dealing with all the expert tradespeople involved in the completion of your home exterior and landscaping project.

Built to last

We ensure that every home exterior project, from landscaping to decking, is tailored to your specific home and taste. We guarantee that any landscape and home exterior work we undertake at Oakcroft Home Builders is built to last.

Experienced landscape contractors

Our experience in landscaping, home exteriors and decking, allows us to only work with trusted and fully licensed professionals. We will ensure your home is treated as our own from start to finish.

Realistic quotes

With years of experience as expert landscape and home exterior contractors, we get the best prices on materials. This ensures our quotes are the most competitive in the business.

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Request a quote today

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