Foundation and Groundworks

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The foundations of your home are the most important part. The rest of the house will be built on it so it’s vital that it gets done right. Strong and sound foundations equals a strong and sound home”

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Laying Foundations

Building foundations are an essential first step when it comes to building a house. A building’s foundations safely distribute the weight of your new home and prevent the subsoil from spreading. This means that your house will avoid any subsidence which could lead to structural issues in the future.

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Septic Tank/Treatment Plant Installation

We specialise in installing off grid drainage solutions form suppliers like “Klargester” and “Marsh Ensign” treatment plants. We are also able to make connections to the public sewage system as well if this is available. We take care of all the applications and permits to carry out this work.
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Specialist foundations

We are able to offer specialised foundations according to the needs of the site. We have experinence in installing Piled foundations, Contiguous plied retaining walls, Raft foundations amongst others.
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How we do this

Expert drainage help from Oakcroft Home Builders

Complete Support

At Oakcroft, we can offer a full range of support services for installing septic tanks efficiently with minimum disruption.

Professional foundations and groundworks contractors

Our experience in ground works and laying structure foundations allows us to only work with trusted and fully licensed professionals. Our dedicated teams have years of experience.

The Best Prices

With years of experience in drainage systems, we get the best prices on materials and work with the best tradesmen. This ensures our quotes are the most competitive in the business.

Tailored drainage solutions

We ensure that every drainage system and septic tank installation is fitted to your specific home.
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