New build home vs buying a house

Buying an existing home might seem like the most straightforward option when you are thinking about becoming an owner. However, a new build home has many more advantages than buying an existing house. We’ve compiled some of them in this blog.


This one can seem counterintuitive. There is a common preconception than buying an older house is much cheaper than a new build home. However, finding a house in perfect condition can be quite challenging, if not impossible. That means you need to consider the costs of renovating and making improvements to the building. 

Sometimes, you need to make so many adjustments that you actually end up spending the same amount of money for a house that you’ve bought. Also, you will need to keep on maintaining on a regular basis from the very beginning in the case of older constructions.

Building standards

Additionally, by building a new house you know it won’t contain any materials that are bad for your health. For instance, many older buildings contain asbestos, lead paint, or mould – all elements that can pose a health risk.

By participating in the design process from the beginning, you can also choose materials that are environmentally friendly. This is not always the case in pre-built houses, which usually are designed with profit in mind. For this reason, most of the time, the materials used are quite cheap and not necessarily of the best quality.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency aspect is one to consider if the house will be your main residence or if it is going to be inhabited for long periods of time. As it happens with the choice of materials, older houses and those that have been already built don’t usually have the best insulation. 

Besides uncomfortable, this can be quite costly. You can expect to see large amounts in your gas bill if the energy efficiency of the building is not optimal. Building a new house means you can create an energy-efficient home. You can have optimal heating, cooling and ventilation as well as insulation. And the best part is that all these things will save you money on your utility bills.


Another advantage of building a new home is that you get to make every decision. When buying , there will always be aspects of it that you wished you could change. 

Making modifications just because you want to reorganise the space available a bit better or to give more protagonism to some of the rooms can be extremely expensive and not worth it if you’ve just bought a house. However, building your own home means you get to make those decisions from the planning stage. You can get the exact floor plan that you want and everything can be exactly as you imagined. 

No repairs

Building your house means you don’t need to deal with lots of repairs in the first place, but also in the next few years after moving in. This means less time spent worrying about how to improve your house, comparing quotes and much less stress once your house is finished.

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